Hello! Welcome to my green blog.

This blog would give you the green content based on my environment. I mean I will write and show the pictures mainly about the activities and things in our resort. Actually I'm happy to write about nature and fortunately I am living nearby it. So I hope you enjoy the information too.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to our resort! ^_^

These are the pictures of the place that my parents often come to stay when they are on their free time. The picture above was took when the steps to the home had just finished building. It was instead of the small iron one as you have seen in the picture now.
Now take a look at the second and the third pictures. You would see my mom. Oh yes, our little blue house is very close to the pool as you have seen in the picture. We usually use water from this pool to pour the vegetables in the close area.
In the picture above: my mom was collecting and selecting peanut beans. She would grow the peanuts near by our little blue house.
It is very fresh everytime I visit there. If you were there at my parents resort you will like it. you will see the green view instead of the busy cityscape. Next time I will show you more views in the resort. Now, it's time to breakfast. See you later. Bye Bye...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's take a look at my dad's rice field.

Hello! The pictures in this article were took from my father's resort. Actually I should say that it is my parent's resort. It is the place that they intend to live when they was old together.
See? The rice is very high. It is almost as tall as my father.
This one is took from the same action. It was my father at his rice field.
Both 2 pictures above and below this sentence were took at another time. It was the time or season that most farmers had to grow rice on their field.
My father was wearing a bule and pink on his top.
This picture above took from his land. You would see the little blue house in the background too. Next time I will let you see more what else there are on the land. Even though my parents are government officials but they really love farmer life and intend to live near by the rice field in the future. Anyway I must say good bye. See more later! Take care!